At the end of 2015 the Millennium Development Goals expire. In anticipation of this, a vast process has been underway to produce a new set of goals fit for a constantly changing world and set of global challenges.

Yesterday saw the first draft of the report that will shape the new framework. It was produced by a High-Level Panel of Eminent Persons, Co-Chaired by David Cameron. This report was encouraging news for RESULTS, including specific mention of a number of our campaign issues.

TB investments were identified as highly cost-effective and a specific sub-target on TB was proposed under a broad health goal called ‘Ensure Healthy Lives’. Also within this goal was specific mention of ending preventable deaths in children under 5, and also the need to increase the amount of people that are fully vaccinated against disease.

A goal was also suggested that would build upon MDG 2 that related to primary education; ‘Provide Quality Education and Lifelong Learning’.

Food security and nutrition makes up a separate new goal, with specific targets on nutritious food, stunting, and wasting. This is hugely encouraging given all the campaigning RESULTS’ is doing this year on this vital area.

The report also stresses the importance of building on the current Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and focusing on the world’s poorest and most vulnerable people. It includes a proposed development agenda based on what it calls five transformative shifts. These are to: leave no-one behind; put sustainable development at the core; transform economies for jobs and inclusive growth; build peace and effective, open and accountable institutions for all; and forge a new global partnership.

There’s more to come from RESULTS as this process develops over the coming months. For more detail: Read the high-level panel’s  report.