Demand Industry Action in the fight against TB in southern Africa’s gold mines

We have been campaigning on the issue of TB among Southern Africa’s goldminers for the past 18 months, advocating for a strong regional response supported by international actors like the UK and the World Bank. In that time we have seen some amazing progress, with real political will being committed by the heads of the state in the region, the UK announcing new funding for a project to tackle the issue and the World Bank undertaking economic analysis of the issue.

TGTD promo imageIn March this year committed parties signed the Swaziland Statement, outlining renewed financial and political will to tackle the issue. The statement was signed by regional and international governments, big multilateral agencies like the Global Fund and the World Bank, and NGOs. Conspicuous by their absence were the mining companies themselves. Despite being the group with possibly the greatest capacity to influence the course of the TB and HIV epidemics, they have so far been slow to respond. This month we’ll be calling on the largest gold miner in the region to step up, take action and lead the regional response from the private sector.

Materials included this month:


Guest speaker: TBC

This month there are groups meeting to join the conference call in: Central London, South London, Poole, the Stort Valley, Birmingham, Oxford, Macclesfield, Central Sheffield, South Sheffield, Leicester,  Edinburgh, Glasgow, Norwich, Bath, Bristol, Leamington Spa, Cardiff, and Linlithgow.  If you would like information on the location of your local group, please get in touch with us in the office at: [email protected].uk

If yo would like to join the conference call there are 3 numbers you can call –  0844 762 0762, 0203 398 1398 or 0800 22 90 900. You must then enter the participant code, which is 18723. If you would like advice about which number to call please contact us in the office.

We look forward to you joining us