A recording of the December grassroots conference call is now available to download here.

On this month’s call, we took a look back at campaign successes that the RESULTS grassroots network have contributed to during 2016, from helping to secure an ambitious UK pledge of £1.1 billion at the Global Fund Replenishment in Montreal, to making Climate Risk Insurance a hot topic at this year’s UN Climate Change Conference.  

We were also joined on the call by three guest speakers, Aaron Oxley, Laura Kerr and Ben Sadek. These expert members of RESULTS staff introduced us to the exciting set of new issues we’ll be campaigning on in 2017, from ensuring education for all, to tackling the growing threat of anti-microbial resistance, and talking about what happens when donors withdraw support from newly middle-income countries.
For more information about this month’s action or the different ways you can get involved with RESULTS UK, please drop me an email at [email protected] or give the office a call on 0207 793 3970.