HAMBURG, 8 July, 2017: RESULTS UK welcomes the G20’s call for a new R&D platform to incentivise research and development to tackle drug-resistant infections, and is delighted that the specific threat of tuberculosis – the world’s leading infectious killer, accounting for a third of deaths from drug resistance – has been recognised in the Leaders’ communiqué.

Aaron Oxley, RESULTS UK Executive Director, said: “This year’s G20 Summit provided the world’s wealthiest nations with an opportunity to reset efforts to end tuberculosis, the only airborne drug resistant infection, and curb the rising tide of drug-resistance. This opportunity was seized in full, and we welcome their commitment to urgently combat drug-resistance tuberculosis.”

The number of deaths from drug-resistant TB is increasing, at the same time that global investment into TB research and development is falling. The current spending on all TB research and development (drugs, diagnostics and vaccines) is only 33.7% of the $2 billion that is needed. RESULTS UK applauds the call for a “new international R&D Collaboration Hub to maximise the impact of existing and new anti-microbial…research initiatives” outlined in the communiqué and calls on all G20 countries to back it.

Addressing the complex market failure for drug resistant infections, including multi-drug resistant TB, will require innovative mechanisms. This initiative must address all aspects of the research and development pipeline, including basic research and pull incentives. RESULTS UK looks forward to the outcome of the OECD, WHO and relevant experts research into practical market incentive options in 2018, as directed by the Group of 20.

“The fact that there have been no new first line drugs to treat TB for over 50 years highlights a significant market failure – it is clear that current market incentives haven’t provided us what we need” said Rachael Crockett, Policy Advocacy Officer at RESULTS UK and co-chair of the C20 Health Working Group.

She added: “an innovative mechanism to incentivise research and development to combat drug-resistant tuberculosis will save trillions of dollars and millions of lives when the world’s wealthiest nations get behind it”.

The next 12 months present a number of opportunities for global action on tuberculosis, starting with the Global Ministerial Conference on ending TB in the sustainable development era in Moscow in November, followed by the first ever UN High-Level Meeting on Tuberculosis in 2018.

Aaron Oxley concluded: “Developing new tools to tackle tuberculosis is just one piece of the puzzle. We now urge health ministers attending the Global Ministerial Conference in Moscow to galvanise political will and action on TB, ahead of the first UN High-Level Meeting on the disease next year.”

Notes to the Editor

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The German G20 communique can be found here.

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