The recent alerts and scandals in our sector relating to abuse and safeguarding of members of vulnerable communities around the world is distressing for us all, and as this scandal has expanded to encompass UK-based harassment it is clear that being an organisation with a commitment to social justice and the end of poverty does not leave space for any complacency on dealing with harassment and abuse.  

Everyone associated with RESULTS will know that, whilst we are not directly delivering aid or resources, through our advocacy we are actively engaged and have contact with a wide variety of international development organisations who are involved in this kind of work. And in the UK, our volunteers, staff, and the other people we work with are also entitled to be confident that their engagement with our mission can be conducted safely, and that they can report any instances of concern to them and have them acted upon with integrity and in line with our values and mission.

We therefore feel that it is appropriate to reassure you and anyone who you may discuss these matters with that we have clear and forthright Safeguarding Policies within RESULTS UK; these include consideration of child safety and the wellbeing of vulnerable adults. As we write, those policies are being reviewed and enhanced in the light of current events to ensure we have the clearest and most effective systems possible.

If anyone has any questions or concerns, we hope you will not hesitate to address these to one of us directly or of course to Aaron Oxley our Executive Director, or to any member of the Management Team.

Best wishes

Nigel Ward, Gill Thomas – RESULTS UK Trustees