Building Health for All, Brick by Brick

Thanks to everyone who joined our October conference call on Tuesday evening, it was great to see lots of new faces! To help us dissect this month’s campaign on Building Health for All, Brick by Brick, we were joined by guest speaker Tom Guha, Parliamentary Advocacy Officer (Nutrition and Education) at RESULTS. 

Currently, the high cost of health care around the world leads to around 8.6 million deaths per year, and pushes 100 million people into poverty. The UK has just signed a political declaration on Universal Health Coverage (UHC), and the next year provides a unique opportunity to put these words into action. Thanks to Tom for delving into the details of what a multilateral health organisation does and how they work together to go beyond addressing singular health issues. We also discussed what a sustainable health system looks like and outlined how investing in the funds can help us achieve Unviersal Health Coverage.

Watch the recording below:

This month, we’re asking you to write to the Secretary of State for International Development Alok Sharma, asking him to support all the global health interventions that need additional funding in 2019 and 2020. For more details on the monthly campaign action click here.

Figure: Timeline of health multilateral organisations' pledging moments
Timeline of upcoming global health pledging moments.


Resources referred to on the call:

A useful article on the UK’s role in tackling climate change 

An article indicating that up to a billion more people will be exposed to Malaria because the mosquito will be moving into new areas

A blog post on  the Global Fund by Nicole from the Sheffield Group 

A blog post about the Poole Group’s local advocacy on UK aid 

A blog post on nutrition by Layla from London

If you are new to the idea of Universal Health Coverage (UHC), you can read a lot more here

Multilateral heath agencies commitments to support UHC

Devtracker, the UK’s transparent system for saying how aid money is spent

Vaccinations can provide a £44 return on investment for every £1

RESULTS’ ‘Brick by Brick’ report on why all the global health meachanisms are needed

IPCC report on the overlaps between climate change, health and nutrition (p.32-33 has some interesting recommendations)

Information on the UN High Level Meeting on YHC that happened on 23 September 

How to monitor achievement of the building blocks of health systems 

For details of the World Food Day parliamentary breakfast briefing on October 16, please get in touch with your group leader or the RESULTS office.