This month, the call kicked off with Aaron Oxley, Executive Director, giving an overview of recent UK Government announcements on cuts to the UK aid budget and where we’re at with the campaign to oppose the cuts (we’ve since published a blog post on this topic). After a roundup about the network’s activities and hearing about a few exciting events that have happened and are coming up, we turned to the topic of this month’s action and call – global nutrition. 

We were joined by expert speaker Callum Northcote, Senior Nutrition Policy and Advocacy Advisor at Save the Children, who provided a very rich overview of the importance of good nutrition, the difference between nutrition and hunger, and how the cuts to UK aid are likely to affect the challenge of tackling malnutrition worldwide. 

We know that UK funding for global nutrition programmes are likely to be disproportionately cut and that nutition is a vital issue often overlooked in aid spending. That’s why this month we are calling on the UK to commit to a nutrition programming target and to make a policy change that will ensure UK aid is spent more effectively and has a greater impact on tackling malnutrition. Check out the action materials and take action here: ‘Nutrition for Growth: A Year of Action‘. 

If you missed the call, you can watch the recording here:

Links shared during the call:

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