Our July conference call addressed the topic of COVID-19 Vaccine inequity. We discussed the necessity for countries with excess vaccines to urgently share doses with countries facing barriers to accessing vaccines.

Our expert guest speaker, Waiswa Nkwanga, Senior Associate at the ACTION Global Health Partnershipanswered questions about why the dose sharing announcements made by high-income countries so far are not enough:

If you look at the size of the problem, this is not even a quarter of what is needed.

He talked of the inequality in access to COVID-19 vaccines across the world and the devastating impact that a lack of access to vaccines is having across Africa. We also had questions and answers about the need for sharing intellectual property rights in new vaccines and technology and know-how transfers to increase production capabilities across the world. If you missed the call, give it a watch below. You can find out more in our July action materials (COVID-19 Vaccinations must be shared now!) and take action.

We also heard about the UK’s pledge to the Global Partnership for Education and shared this letter template to help raise that pledge to the level needed. And we shared some new resources including our new blog post on use of images in international development communications, our new Welcome packcampaign groups map and Grassroots Group Guidance. And we have formally launched our RESULTS UK National Conference website – registration is now open!

Recording of the call: 

Links shared during the call:

G7 update email 

Global Partnership for Education top-up pledge letter template

Article on increased public support for aid

June action materials (COVID-19 Vaccines for all!)