On Tuesday 7 March, campaigners came together for an empowering grassroots conference call that shed light on the personal stories behind the statistics of Tuberculosis (TB), held in anticipation of World TB Day on Friday 24 March and the UN High-Level Meeting on TB in September. The call was both inspiring and informative as Caroline Mburu, a young TB champion and survivor, shared her experience of overcoming TB and becoming an advocate to end the stigma surrounding the disease.

The discussion was eye-opening, giving a voice to the challenges faced by TB patients and survivors. She emphasized the importance of raising awareness about this disease and highlighted the need for more resources and support. By amplifying personal stories like Caroline’s and taking action, we can work towards eradicating TB for good. Our February and March action materials lay out four things you can do to advocate for an end to TB: raising awareness of TB, planning a meeting with your MP, holding a meeting with your MP, and publicising your meeting online and in local media. To be inspired and learn more the importance of taking action, you can watch the conference call recording below. Let’s join the fight to end TB and make a difference!

Links shared during the call:

February conference call 2023 (topic: Hold your own High-Level Meeting to End TB)

International Development Committee report into current ODA spending

Information on the ‘learning crisis’

TikTok by Caroline about busting TB myths

Caroline’s Twitter

Network of TB Champions

Stop TB Partnership Kenya

March Action sheet on World TB Day advocacy

Suggestions for actions MPs can take (will be updated as we know more)