World leaders signed up to achieving the Global Goals by 2030 – a blueprint for a sustainable, poverty-free world where everyone has the chance to fulfil their potential. But 2030 is just a decade away, and we’ve got a big job to do to make the vision a reality.

The things that keep people in poverty are interconnected: for example, climate change affects people’s livelihoods and access to food; poor nutrition limits a person’s ability to learn and earn a living later in life, as well as making them more susceptible to diseases.

Working with others is more vital than ever.

People who share the vision of a sustainable world free from extreme poverty will need to persuade the people in power to take action. That means linking up with other people who share our mission to help achieve the Global Goals, so that we can speak with a louder voice.

Join us on our free training day, 10 am – 4 pm on Saturday 7 March 2020 in London to explore how different development issues fit together, and how we can make connections with other, like-minded groups to unlock powerful alliances and effective joint campaigns.

Location: Roots and Shoots, Walnut Tree Walk, Kennington, London SE11 6DN.

The day will include:

  • How people in poverty are affected by multiple challenges, and how the Global Goals work together
  • How to connect with people working on complementary but different poverty issues
  • How to build your local networks and persuade people to join you in activities that reach more people and are more influential with the media and MPs.

If this sounds like it is for you, you can sign up here.

The event is free of charge and open to all, but places are reserved for existing RESULTS campaigners. Refreshments are provided, and for those of you coming from further afield, we make be able to support your travel financially. Get in touch.