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In 2024, 4 billion people around the world will cast a vote in an election. The UK is one such country, with many commentators predicting either a May or an autumn election.

The period before an election can be a fantastic opportunity for campaigners to engage with parties, candidates, the media and the general public to raise awareness of their concerns. Elections offer an unrivalled chance to secure support for policies that will advance our advocacy agenda over the course of the next Parliament and beyond. 

top tips

  • Find out more about your Prospective Parliamentary Candidates (PPCs) – you can do this through your own research or with your local Results campaigning group. Not yet part of a group? Get in touch at [email protected] and we can connect you up!
  • Arrange to meet your candidates now, before an election is called. Once the election date has been announced, they will be very busy canvassing (meeting voters and knocking on doors) and will have little time for dedicated meetings with groups of constituents. A meeting well in advance could have much more impact.
  • If there are ‘hustings’ meetings in your area (where a panel of candidates all get to air their views on a range of topics in public), it can be worthwhile asking a question so the candidates have to express their views publicly (note that hustings don’t always happen in constituencies as candidates sometimes refuse to take part).
  • If you can’t get to meet them, then writing letters to the candidates is also a good starting point. But they are unlikely to be able to pay much attention once an election is called, so make sure to contact them soon.

your tools


our 2024 election toolkit to learn where to look for PPC names and contact details, and to help you take action this month!


our advocacy workshop to learn more about influencing candidates ahead of the election and how to find and approach your PPCs. It will be online on Wednesday 13 March at 7pm.


your action to let us know if you have spoken to any of your candidates on these issues, be it in a meeting, husting, or letter, by taking 2 minutes to fill out this form.

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