Education counts more than ever!

Education is vital to ensure that children grow up to be independent and productive members of society, able to find decent work and thrive in a globalised world. Yet in many poorer countries, children don’t get even a basic education. There are currently 263 million children and young people out of school worldwide, and hundreds of millions lack basic literacy or numeracy skills. As it stands, the world will not meet Global Goal 4 (“ensuring inclusive and quality education for all”) this century.

With a shortfall of US $39 billion annually and inequality in access to education rising, it is often the most marginalised and vulnerable that are left behind. While the numbers of children out of school has reduced in recent decades, far too many children still don’t get an education, particularly girls, children with disabilities, and those caught in crises. Failing to invest in education today could slow economic growth, worsen social tensions and increase insecurity for generations to come.

Around the end of this year or early next year, the world community will come together to pledge its support for the Global Partnership for Education (GPE), a vital multilateral body that funds many global education programmes. A strong UK funding commitment is needed to help ensure that GPE can reach its target of US $3.1 billion for the period 2018-2020. Together with other international development organisations, RESULTS aims to build parliamentary and public support for a substantial UK contribution of $500 million (currently £392 million).

Please arrange to meet with your MP to explain the vital importance of education for overcoming poverty and meeting the Global Goals. 

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