Opportunities to shape the world

2017 saw RESULTS campaigners working on many important issues, from funding global education, to tackling antimicrobial resistance and tuberculosis, and ensuring that DFID remains a global leader on nutrition and education. Your efforts helped secure £100 million from the UK government to help end polio for good, and you’ve gained crucial political support for UK aid.

Huge progress has been made on global poverty in recent years. However, there are still too many people around the world living in poverty, and suffering the preventable impacts of increasing inequality, malnutrition and disease.

Today, more poor people live in Middle-Income Countries than Low-Income Countries. To achieve the Global Goals and end extreme poverty by 2030 in all countries, greater political will and better coordination of aid efforts are essential.

In 2018, we will ask you to campaign on increased efforts to tackle TB, the world’s largest infectious killer, in advance of the first ever UN High-Level Meeting on TB. We will ensure that all the main political parties remain supportive of the continued importance of UK aid. And we will be asking the government to plan for the changing aid relationships with Middle-Income Countries so that no-one is left behind. 

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