planning your advocacy in 2024

We are living in challenging times, with poverty and injustice remaining rife in the world. But the work of Results makes a big difference, by focusing the minds of our politicians on important, achievable goals. For example, to address the hunger crisis that is continuing to unfold across East Africa; to help countries strengthen their health infrastructure; and to help improve education outcomes for millions of young people.

Start off 2024 by planning your advocacy for the year, identifying where you can make the most impact on ending global poverty.

Here are a few suggestions to get the ball rolling!

  • Meet once or twice a month – this could be one in person and one online meeting
  • Take action together using the monthly campaign materials we produce for you
  • Write blogs e.g. for international days/months, an action that you did, or something Results campaigns on that you are passionate about. We would love to publish them on our blogs page too!
  • Maintain or create a social media profile for your group
  • Get to know our new branding – you’ll receive materials soon for how you can use the new branding in your advocacy work
  • Plan additional actions around local opportunities
  • Organise your own advocacy event such as a stall at a volunteering fair, a public outreach stall, a fundraiser or letter writing event

For example…

In 2023, the London group created their own Meetup page to make it easier for new people to find and come along to their monthly meetings.

“Here in London we’re always experimenting with different ways of bringing in new members, inspiring actions and connecting with our community. For our monthly meetups we wanted to increase the visibility of the group, and Meetup is the perfect platform to break out of the usual circles that you reach on social media. We’ve already had over 80 signups to the group and new people joining us every month so it’s been a great help.” – Stephen, London campaigner

If you have any questions about promoting Results in your community, or need any support with your campaigning, get in touch with the Campaigns Team at Results and we will be happy to help. 

And don’t forget to let us know what you have done! Contact Aurora Basso, Campaigns Coordinator, at [email protected].

We would love to hear all about your plans!

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