Safe and inclusive schools for all

For too many children around the world, schools are not safe or inclusive places in which to learn. Girls, children with disabilities, and children in conflict zones are among those most likely to suffer violence at school or be excluded from education.

  • Almost half of all children with disabilities are out of school.
  • Gender-based violence, discrimination against women and girls, and inadequate facilities stop many girls from getting a safe schooling.
  • Every school day, 15 life-threatening attacks on children take place somewhere in the world because of war or conflict.

At a time when the world has a made a commitment to leave no one behind through the Global Goals, this is unacceptable.

The UK is a leader on global education and has emphasised girls’ education as an essential goal. It has also recently signed the “Safe Schools Declaration”, which commits it to support the protection of education in conflict.

This July, DFID will be hosting the first ever Global Disability Summit – a great chance to review the UK’s progress on disability and inclusive education, and to call on other countries to follow suit.

Join us in asking the UK Government to implement the Declaration to ensure that schools are safe and inclusive places for all young people to learn.

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