image courtesy of the World Bank under a CC license
image courtesy of the World Bank under a CC license

On June 8th 2013, RESULTS was celebrating the success of the ‘Nutrition for Growth’ event; world leaders had come together in London and pledged $4.1 billion for tackling the global scourge of undernutrition, with the UK alone promising £655 million in new money.

We were delighted, never before had such a grand statement of intent been made for ending the global scourge of undernutrition. And it couldn’t have come at a more pressing moment: globally undernutrition is responsible for 45% of all under five deaths; and over 165 million children have stunted growth due to poor nutrition.

So we celebrated, but our work didn’t end on June 8th. We now have a collective responsibility to hold those who pledged to account for delivering every penny of their pledges; and to ensure that every pound spent brings positive outcomes for vulnerable children. This month we’ll be working to build political pressure on the UK to deliver.

Materials included this month:


Guest: Saul Guerrero, Head of Technical Development, ACTION AGAINST HUNGER (ACF-UK)

This month there are groups meeting to join the conference call in: Central London, South London, Poole, the Stort Valley, Birmingham, Oxford, Macclesfield, Central Sheffield, South Sheffield, Leicester, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Norwich, Bristol, Leamington Spa, Belfast, Reading and Linlithgow.  If you would like information on the location of your local group, please get in touch with us in the office at: [email protected]