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Tuberculosis (TB) is one of humanity’s oldest diseases. It is caused by a bacteria that most commonly affects the lungs, though it can spread to other parts of the body. TB is spread from person to person through air droplets, with most people infected byTB showing no symptoms at all. Tuberculosis is a disease of poverty – it is more prevalent in poorer communities and can be linked to socio-economic factors like lower quality housing, overcrowding and limited access to health services. TB is closely linked to other health issues including malnutrition and HIV-status. Even in high-income countries, TB is often found in migrant communities, people with alcohol, drug or mental health issues, homeless communities, or people with a history of prison. Results works on TB because 1.3 million people still die each year from TB, which is entirely treatable and preventable. Results works to increase the political will and finance needed to eradicate TB around the world.

how we take action

Results has regularly campaigned for UK contributions to the Global Fund’s work. For example, in 2022, the UK Government pledged £1 billion to the Global Fund. Results is the only advocacy organisation in the UK with a specific focus on global TB. As such, we have developed excellent institutional and individual expertise which help us advocate to accelerate an end to the TB epidemic. We regularly release reports on all aspects of the global TB response, and our contributions have been discussed at major fora including the United Nations and Parliament, as well as in the media. We work with international partners to develop mutual understanding of TB related issues and regularly lead international delegations for UK parliamentarians to countries experience first-hand how health services are responding to the TB epidemic.

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