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parliamentary advocacy

We work with parliamentarians to build their knowledge of the issues we work on so that they are able to effectively hold the UK Government to account on its international development work. It also enables them to advocate for UK official development assistance (ODA) to be spent equitably and sustainably, to push for policy changes, and to build support among parliamentarians for ending poverty.

day to day work with parliamentarians

We provide parliamentarians with briefings, research and information to help them to ask written and oral questions in Parliament and speak authoritatively in debates on topics such as global health security, poverty alleviation, global education and other international development issues.

parliamentary events

Throughout the year we organise a number of events to engage parliamentarians on key issue areas and connect them with leading figures on the topic. These events aim to raise awareness of a particular issue or to mark a significant international event, with speakers from academia, government ministers, senior figures from international institutions, civil society advocates, and individuals with lived experience of the issue.

All-Party Parliamentary Groups

Results UK acts as the secretariat to several different development-focused All-Party Parliamentary Groups (APPGs). These include the APPG for Vaccinations for All, the APPG for Global Education, the APPG on Nutrition for Development, and the APPG for Global Tuberculosis.

We work closely with the chairs and officers of the APPG to increase the group’s membership and influence in Parliament. This includes organising events such as roundtable discussions, and publishing reports on specific issues for consideration by key stakeholders, parliamentarians and the UK Government.


We lead international delegations that enable parliamentarians to gain first-hand experience of the development programmes that the UK supports, and to meet people living and working in affected communities and listen to their needs.  

Our delegations are run in conjunction with  international partners that work in the country, and involve visiting programmes such as community health clinics, meeting with local leaders and business owners, as well as British officials at embassies around the world, and members of the government of that country.

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