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about results

we use our voices to influence political decisions that will bring an end to poverty

Results UK is a movement of passionate, committed people. Together as staff and grassroots activists, we advocate directly to parliamentarians, the UK Government and other decision-makers with the aim of guiding them towards commitments that reduce poverty and inequality.

Our advocacy is built on global solidarity, partnership and shared empowerment. This is crucial to challenging the racist, colonial and oppressive narratives that have underpinned development and that help to both create and maintain poverty.

Our power lies in our people – our staff, board and partners, and especially our volunteers. Together, we raise our voices with UK government decision makers to influence the changes needed to end poverty with improved policies, more efficient programmes and increased resources.


Our vision is a world without poverty.


Our mission is to generate the political will to end extreme poverty by enabling people to exercise their own personal and political power for change.

our values

Our values underpin both why and how we go about achieving our vision and mission:

our strategic goals

To shift power and amplify the voices of people who want to fight global poverty, ensuring that those experiencing poverty are included in decision making. 

To ensure that globally, resources, policy changes and political will are applied to enable everyone to access adequate health care, education, nutrition and economic opportunities.

To advocate for global systems and structures that are inclusive and equitable, meeting the needs of everyone in the 21st century. 

To ensure that Results is an agile and sustainable organisation able to support its mission.

Read our Strategic Plan 2023 – 2030 to learn more about our approach to advocacy to end poverty, inequality and injustice

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