Img 3413Source: Michael Nwangi, 2023

child health

Results advocates for equitable access to routine immunisation and polio services so that all children are fully immunised against vaccine-preventable diseases and able to access necessary vaccines throughout their life, in line with SDG3 – healthy lives and wellbeing for all. 

This includes prioritising ‘zero-dose’ children (children who have received no vaccines at all), highlighting the importance of community health workers and localised approaches in increasing vaccine uptake, and working towards the establishment of regional vaccine manufacturing capacity (including in the context of pandemic preparedness).

how we take action

Results UK wins

Through Results’ work coordinating the APPG on Vaccinations for All, we have been able to build and maintain a good rapport with UK Parliamentarians interested in immunisation across the political spectrum. Since January 2023, the APPG has grown by nearly 50%.

A recent parliamentary delegation to Kenya gave participating parliamentarians first-hand experience of tuberculosis (TB), immunisation, and nutrition programmes in the country, with the aim of improving knowledge and awareness within the UK Parliament of related global health challenges. While Kenya has historically suffered from high burdens of TB, vaccine-preventable diseases, and malnutrition, it has made significant progress in tackling these issues, offering both reasons for optimism and opportunities for learning how to replicate this success in other parts of the globe.

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