DSC_7304 (1)Source: Vibe Film / Victor Bientinesi G De Oliveira & Lucas Buttchewits / Results UK


where injustice and oppression exist in the world, they always create inequality and poverty

As an organisation committed to ending poverty, and one working in a sector that still grapples with damaging practices and narratives of development, including that of the ‘white saviour’, Results is committed and motivated to do more and better.

We know we are not perfect and recognise that we should be doing better, taking a deeper and more explicit look at how we address oppression and privilege in all their forms. Without this, we will be unable to truly deliver on our mission to ‘empower individuals to exercise their personal and political power for change’ and we will never achieve our goal of ending global poverty.

At Results, we will do our part to bring about a ‘new normal’ where people from diverse communities feel safe, empowered and included. This is not something extra ‘on top’ of our mission: it is central to it.

This is a public commitment. We will listen, learn, and we will act.

changes we are making

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