20150622_152503Hello Everyone, I’m Samuel Forward, the new Fundraiser at RESULTS UK. My work will focus mainly on securing grants from national and international trusts and foundations in order to further the work of RESULTS, whether it be parliamentary, policy or grassroots advocacy. I will also spend time on community fundraising, supporting the great work of the grassroots network who have contributed so much over the last 30 years. After attending the National Conference (on my first day!) I am very excited to be joining what looks like a huge family of staff and volunteers, some of whom have been advocating with RESULTS since before I was born! Before joining RESULTS I was based in Indonesia working for R.O.L.E. Foundation, a small NGO focusing on women’s empowerment and environmental protection. A large part of what we did was creating opportunities for sustainable business development for disadvantaged and at-risk women, leading to some extremely innovative and successful small businesses. As a Fundraising Manager I worked with major donors, corporations, grant givers and a growing base of supporters. Over the space of a 18 months it was fantastic to see the foundation grow and cheer on an ever increasing number of young graduates ready to take on the world. After 2 and a half years in Indonesia moving to London has been a bit of a shock to the senses (hence the ever-present jumper in my picture), but I am excited to get started and look forward to meeting many of you!