Over the last few weeks action/2015 and the European Year for Development (EYD) joined together for a summer tour around the UK in order to engage the public and decision makers in a conversation about the new Global Goals. The aim of the summer tour was to involve both the public and decision makers in discussions about the progress we have seen in development, the opportunity that surrounds the new Global Goals and whatour_contd_079t we can do beyond 2015 to eradicate extreme poverty. The tour was based on the theme of a British summer holiday, led by a VW campervan with accompanying sea-side props. Those who came passed the van had the opportunity to speak to supporters from development NGOs and complete their own postcard to Prime Minister David Cameron describing the world they want to live in. RESULTS UK could not resist the urge to get involved and we joined the van in Edinburgh, Bristol and Brighton! Edinburgh Mela festival was our first stop and what a start it was. Volunteers, including our very own William and Alastair, spoke to hundreds people about the global goals and did an amazing job getting festival-goers to think about the kind of world they want to live in with over 400 writing their vision on campaign postcards. Next stop for our volunteers was Bristol where Tom, Jason, Caroline and Laura were greeted by the Mayor himself. After more conversations, superhero cut out photos and postcard signintour_contd_072gs, the team packed up to go on the road again. We then joined the van in Brighton with Laura, Larissa, Leo, Barry, James, Clare and Frances. This was the final stop so we had to make it the best; we even had a visit from Caroline Lucas MP, who spoke passionately about the cause.   We had an absolute blast and would like to thank action/2015 and EYD for hosting such a great tour! Why not get involved in the next event? Register here to Light the Way and join us on the 24th September.