We are often told about how difficult and arduous treatments for TB are. Nobody knows this better than those affected by TB or those working on the frontline providing treatment. At the end of last year I met with three TB advocates at the Union World Conference on Lung Health in Liverpool – the annual meeting point for the TB community –  to find out more about their experiences. Here’s what they had to say.

It’s Tough Taking Tuberculosis Medication

Meet Timpiyian Leseni, a Maasai from Kenya.  A couple of years ago, Timpiyian contracted Zoonotic TB, a form of the disease transmitted through food. Find out more about what life was like whilst completing TB treatment and what she thinks the world must do to end TB for good.



Fighting Tuberculosis Must Be A Genuine Collective Effort

Meet Timur Abdullaev, a TB survivor and public health and human rights consultant from Uzbekistan.  Timur initially thought his persistent cough was due to his heavy smoking, but later found out he had TB and HIV. Hear his story and learn why he thinks the HIV and TB communities must work together to fight these deadly epidemics.



The World Needs Sustained Political Will to Fight TB

Meet Dr Vivian Cox, a HIV and TB doctor working on the frontline of the epidemic in communities in South Africa. Dr Cox explains why drug-resistance is such a serious threat and why sustained political will is needed to combat it.  



To mark World TB, join me in sharing these incredible stories, as we call on world leaders to step up the global response and secure the new drugs, diagnostics and vaccine that are needed to end the epidemic.