A recording of the July grassroots conference call is now online. This month, we were joined by Mandy Slutsker, Policy and Advocacy Manager at the ACTION Global Health Advoacacy Partnership (of which RESULTS is a partner). Mandy has many years’ experience of TB advocacy, inspired by her experiences in South Africa where over recent years there has been a big turn-around in the availability of anti-retrovirals, saving many lives.

Mandy spoke passionately about the massive opportunity we have this year to increase the scale of the global response to TB, and how September’s first ever UN High-Level Meeting (HLM) on TB can help us achieve a step-change if sufficient political leadership is shown at the highest levels of government. She explained what outcomes from the HLM would represent a success, and shared her optimism that this can be achieved.

You can find some of the links that people shared in the chat box pasted just below the video, so you can follow them as you watch.

Check out our July action materials to see how you can help our Prime Minister to show the leadership that is needed to eradicate TB, the world’s deadliest infectious disease.