This month we’ll be taking action by collaborating with our local groups digitally to write joint letters welcoming the Secretary of State, Anne-Marie Trevelyan to her role, and asking that she maintains the UK’s leadership on global health internventions that strengthen health systems, ensuring their resillience to pandemics like COVID-19 and ongoing crises alike. More details here.

Thank you to Lisa Marchal, Grassroots Impact Manager for RESULTS in the USA, for joining us Tuesday’s call to share her experience of helping campaigners continue to make a difference at this difficult time. We discussed how solidarity is both ethical and pragmatic, and how we can ensure that the language we use in our campainging reflects that, as well as how advocates can adapt their activities throughout the current social isolating measures.

We learned a lot from each other and it was great to connect up and remind each other that we are part of the global movement that is RESULTS and the ACTION parnership. As Lisa put so well, we are “made for this moment”; advocating in solidarity with the most vulnerable accross time and distance is what RESULTS grassroots advocates do best. Thanks to the network for bringing their hopefullness and energy to the call.

We look forward to seeing all your group letters and postitive responses from the Government.

Watch the call here:


Resouces mentioned on the call:

*Note that we are hoping to go ahead with the National Conference as a face-to-face event on 12-13 September – more details to come*

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