What is Crack the Crises?

Launched earlier this year, Crack the Crises is a coalition of more than 70 organisations from across the UK, advocating for a better future for people and planet. RESULTS UK joined because we want to be part of bringing people all around the country together to crack the crises of COVID-19, injustice and poverty, climate change and nature loss.

We don’t work directly on all the issues mentioned, but we recognise the interconnectedness of all these global challenges, and will support the efforts as much as possible. That means there’ll be opportunities for RESULTS UK advocates to get involved in the campaign this year, the first of which, the #WaveOfHope campaign launches today on Earth Day (22 April).

What are we calling on the Government to do, and when?

colourful graphic with waving hands that reads "We need a recovery that provides vaccines and healthcare for all, fights poverty and injustice, and helps end the climate and nature crises

In 2021, the UK will host two critical summits – the G7 in June and the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) in November. Decisions that governments make at these gatherings will affect all of us, now and for generations to come, especially women and girls from the Global South, and other marginalised groups. It’s time for the Prime Minister and the world’s governments to take action to address the biggest crises of our time and work together for a just and green recovery – one that provides vaccines and healthcare for all, fights poverty and injustice, and helps end the climate and nature crises.

You can read the policy asks for decision makers in more detail, here.

How can I get involved? #WaveOfHope Campaign

Tother, the Crack the Crises coalition represents over 10 million people! We want to take action from home and online to flood our windows and timelines with calls for a better future – so we can’t be ignored!

colourful graphic illustration of a silhouette of a child and adult (who is holding a dog) waving through their window. #WaveOfHope is written in wavy writing across the top and there are crafty hand prints displayed in the other two windows

The #WaveOfHope hand symbolises our connection to each other and a building momentum for change as more people speak up and take action for a better future – and as the wave builds, so does our hope.

Will you join us by making your own crafty Wave of Hope display at home? Draw, trace, print or paint a hand (or paw!) and pop it in your window. Then, share online using the #WaveOfHope hashtag. The wave will also make its way to the G7 summit with a display that will greet world leaders as they arrive in Cornwall.

Check out the #WaveOfHope action toolkit (attached) for a step-by step-guide and some crafty inspiration!

What else can I do, and what if I don’t use social media?

You can still take action without using social media, by displaying your crafty waving hands in your window so your community can see. Why not speak to your local school or place of worship so they can get involved too? The Crack the Crises campaign is collating images of people’s displays, so if you’d like to, please send them your picture on [email protected] and include Dela, Ruthie or Naveed from the RESULTS UK team at [email protected].

Lots of you have already taken the RESULTS UK Grassroots action for April, by writing to the Cabinet Office to ensure G7 leaders commit to building strong health systems. Thank you! If you haven’t already, we think this action complements the #WaveOfHope really well, so head to our ‘Take Action’ web page for how to get started with your letter.