Our March grasroots conference call delved into the reasons why we must continue our campaigning to end tuberculosis (TB). We were joined by guest speaker Dr. Uvistra Naidoo, a paediatrician in Capetown, South Africa with a special interest in childhood TB. Uvi contracted a severe form of multi-drug resistant TB during his medical residency which took him over three years to be cured. He provided a powerful insight into the world of TB both as a survivor of the disease and as a medical professional. He went beyond facts and figures, showing us that personal stories of human suffering are more memorable than numbers for poweful advocacy: as Uvi said, “politicians don’t see the faces of people that suffer”. 

2022 is a major year for our advocacy on TB and this month, we are stepping up campaigning to raise public awareness on the devastating effects it has on individuals and communities across the world. Ahead of World TB Day (24 March), join us in increasing awareness of TB and making sure it is high up on the political agenda ahead of the 7th Replenishment for the Global Fund to fight AIDS, TB and Malaria. 

Take action now on the fight to end TB – Check out our action materials.

The recording of the call and links shared during it are below:

Links shared during the call:

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BBC article on wild polio case in Malawi

Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI) statement on wild poliovirus case in Malawi

Guardian article on the increased risk from TB and 7th Replenishment for the Global Fund

Gill’s article on vaccine inequity

WHO Polio director’s tweet with Karen’s letter

TB ‘Find and Treat’ outreach team

Project with TB Vax ARM which Uvi mentions


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