To kick-start our campaigning in 2023 and in line with our January action, our first conference call of the year was focused on taking a step back to reflect on the bigger picture of campaigning and being part of RESULTS. We heard from our new CEO, Kitty Arie, who talked about some of the highlights of RESULTS’ advocacy in 2022, our new strategy and some upcoming advocacy moments in 2023. 

The highlight of the call was hearing from our guest speaker, Sue Tibballs, OBE, who has over 25 years’ experience in the social change sector and is CEO of the Sheila McKechnie Foundation. Sue presented some sobering information about how civic space in the UK has been facing many legal, political and cultural challenges over the last few years as a result of multiple Government decisions. Despite these challenges, Sue and the team at the Sheila McKechnie Foundation have seen a promising trend of campaigners becoming more determined to push for change. 

We don’t know what 2023 will hold but, given the last few years, it’s likely to be a bit of a rollercoaster for campaigners! So, take this moment to step back, reflect and plan. Check out our January action, which contains a campaigns calendar 2023 and planning tool to help you reflect on last year and map out the year ahead. Another way to reflect on the year (and to provide us with very helpful feedback!) is to fill out our 2023 grassroots survey. Let’s head into 2023 feeling motivated and keep Sue’s concluding remark in mind “despite the best efforts to stop us [campaigners], it’s not working!“.

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Links shared or mentioned in the call:

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