In the run up to World TB Day (24 March) and the UN’s High-Level meeting on TB in September, we’re ramping up our advocacy efforts to end tuberculosis (TB). A deadly but curable disease, TB has killed millions of people in the last few years and sadly, the COVID-19 pandemic interrupted the progress made in eradicating the disease. In our February conference call, we heard from our expert colleagues Vinny Wooding, Senior Parliamentary Advocacy Officer on TB, and Sahera Ramzan, Senior Policy Advocacy Officer on TB. They both shared compelling reasons for why we need to urge the UK Government to play a bigger role in global efforts to end TB.   

Over the next two months, you can follow our 4 stages of action as laid out in our action materials for February and March: raise awareness of TB; plan a meeting with your MP; hold a meeting with your MP; publicise your meeting online and in local media. You can also take your own approach if you prefer. However you decide to advocate for an end to TB, we hope you’ll find the conference call inspiring and insightful.

Links shared during the call:

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Grassroots survey (Please share your thoughts and feedback with us by Monday 13th February)

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