For this month’s conference call, we were joined by guest speaker Becky Knowles, from the International Pandemic and Preparedness Secretariat, to talk about the 100 Days Mission.

During the call, we discussed the importance of timely protection and prevention of pandemic diseases and how the world can be preparing for a next pandemic in the most effective and collaborative way possible. Becky highlighted the importance of the 100 Days Mission as a goal for countries around the world to. strive towards together, to ensuring quicker and more equitable responses to pandemic diseases.

If you would like to join our efforts this month, check out the action materials for guidance on how to contact your MP to let them know about the 100 Days Mission and it’s importance.


Links mentioned on the call:

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Karen shared: “This is the article in the Guardian about how to improve your chances of getting a letter published – old but still useful.”

Gill shared: “This is an Amnesty international letter writing guide (for MP’s etc) I find it helpful.”

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