a summer election

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a summer election

On 4 July 2024, the UK goes to the polls to vote for the next Government. Whoever wins will have a mandate to lead Britain’s engagement with the wider world as well as domestic policy. This is a chance to show Prospective Parliamentary Candidates (PPCs) of all parties that people in the constituency care about ending global poverty and injustice.

The 5 weeks before the election is a fantastic opportunity for campaigners to secure new MPs’ support for policies on poverty reduction over the course of the next Parliament and beyond.

MPs elected to Parliament this year can influence the UK’s approach to global poverty

Parliamentary candidates need to know their prospective constituents care about international issues

contact your election candidates that there’s support in their constituency for global poverty reduction

what’s happening?

Now that an election has been called, Parliament is ‘prorogued’ (suspended), existing MPs formally lose their role, and all the candidates – of all parties, not just the previous MP – have equal status, so you should try to engage with all of them.

  • Whether your new MP ends up in the party of government or on the opposition benches, they could become influential and in a position to take action on international issues, whether by taking part in debates, or by becoming members of relevant parliamentary committees or groups.
  • To advance the issues that Results cares about, we work with MPs from across the political spectrum, whether in Government or opposition. It is important to have champions for development across all major political parties.

This month, please contact your local PPCs to tell them about the international issues you care about, such as ending global poverty and promoting the Sustainable Development Goals. Showing them that people in the constituency care is far more important than briefing them on particular development issues at this stage.

how to contact candidates

If you are not sure which parliamentary constituency you are in, you can find out here

Your candidates may already be listed on the Who Can I Vote For? website or on Wikipedia. A key source for researching your candidates are local newspapers. And many PPCs also have websites with more information where you will be able to find their email address.

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