The Impact of COVID-19

The threat to humanity posed by COVID-19 demands a courageous and coordinated global response. Alongside keeping ourselves safe here in the UK, we must help minimise the pandemic’s impact in countries with less robust health systems than our own. And with education for most children and much economic activity suspended, millions more people are also at risk of experiencing poverty.

We must seize the opportunity to support the global COVID response, investing in strengthening health systems and building our collective resilience to disease outbreaks. Importantly, we must avoid losing the gains of recent years from a diversion of resources to the fight against COVID, such as by halting vaccination and malnutrition programmes, or treatments for other diseases like TB. 

We must not miss this vital moment to work together to ensure that health for all is a cornerstone of our resilience to pandemics and the fight against poverty, with a particular focus on the needs of the most vulnerable and marginalised, including equal access to new COVID vaccines and treatments. This month, please write a Letter to the Editor of your local paper or online local news outlet explaining why a global response to COVID is important, and why the fight against the pandemic must be part of our larger goal to eradicate poverty and disease.

Watch the May conference call recording here.

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