Make #VaccinesWork for every child

Vaccinations save millions of lives every year and are one of the best ways to prevent childhood illnesses such as pneumonia, measles and polio.

Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance is an international organisation that provides access to vaccines for children living in the world’s poorest countries. Since 2016, Gavi has immunised 198 million children, including 66 million in 2018 alone. But despite these impressive gains, all of the targets for disease elimination are behind schedule, and many children still die from easily preventable, treatable and curable diseases. Countries must do more to ensure that all children receive all 11 World Health Organisation recommended vaccines.

In June 2020, the UK will be hosting a conference at which international donors will be asked to make financial commitments to enable Gavi to continue its vital work – US $7.4 billion is needed for the period 2021-2025. The UK is a strong supporter of Gavi, and to continue this, at current exchange rates, £1.64 billion is needed to maintain the UK’s 25.5% share of Gavi’s funding. Please write to DFID Permanent Secretary Matthew Rycroft, asking for the UK Government to ensure that the UK maintains its 25.5% share of Gavi at the 2020 Gavi replenishment, to increase vaccine coverage.

Ideas for tweets:

Did you know #pneumonia is the leading cause of death in children under 5? On #WorldPneumoniaDay I’m writing to @DFID_UK Perm Sec @MatthewRycroft1 calling on the UK to invest a 25.5% share in the total needed for @gavi to help end preventable child deaths + achieve health for all

Since 2016, @Gavi has immunised 198 million children! Let’s ensure @gavi is fully funded in 2020 so they can reach every child with #vaccines. We can achieve #UHC but only by investing in upcoming global health moments #BrickbyBrick @DFID_UK

Image: A pneumococcal vaccine is prepared in Kenya. Gavi/Evelyn Hockstein.


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