XXXicolas Kröger

Nicolas Kroger

Nicolas Kröger

Board Co-Chair

I have significant experience in the humanitarian and international development sector, having worked in a senior capacity for a range of UN agencies, INGOs and governments in eastern and southern Africa as well as Asia before moving to London. I specialize in strategic planning, change and business transformation as well as operational management. I have had the opportunity to work on sector changing initiatives such as setting up the Humanitarian Innovation Fund or leading the Humanitarian Leadership Academy.

I am a lecturer on a master’s course on Charity Management at St Mary’s University in Twickenham where I teach a module on managing and running INGOs. The module includes amongst other things, the basics of project management in international development; how to design a response plan to an emergency; legal frameworks, principles, standards; and what the existing trends in the humanitarian and development sectors are. I also explore how to operationalise localisation and how to develop and strengthen local actors and leadership. I mostly lived in Northern and Western Africa until I was 18 years old. Away from work, I have a keen interest in international affairs, sports, travel, and DIY.

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