Angelique Kidjo, Africa’s great musician,  and David Cameron have been early speakers at the Summit. David Cameron explained why investment against undernutrition is so important – improved nutrition  not only aids the growth of an individual, but also the growth of a country. A country which still has high rates of undernutrition may suffer from an annual  loss of up to 10% GDP annually. Prime Minister Cameron also surprised many in the room by saying “I am immensely proud of the IF campaign”

Angelique livened up  proceedings at #Nutrition4Growth ‘We need $1bn a year.” She emphasised that Leadership is important’ and said she is proud to be speaking at the IF event in Hyde Park this afternoon. Come along and hear Angelique sing – she is great. 

Ireland has just announced they will double the Irishspend on undernutrition – “Is there anything better than any of us can do than assist the lives of a child suffering from Undernutrition” said the president. Irelands leadership is also important as current presidency of the EU.  We are awaiting important news from the EC later this morning

Angelique Kidjo, Keep Calm & Pledge Big



Angelique shares the call to World Leaders…. Keep Calm and Pledge Big!.