The Guardian writes that the United Nations reports that one in four people in developing countries are unable to read. In addition, 250 million children do not have basic literacy skills even if they attended primary school for four years. Lack of education is a leading cause of extreme poverty. The Global Partnership for Education (GPE) has been providing aid and improving education in impoverished countries. Getting better teachers in schools and all children into primary school is a key component of reaching the education for all Millennium Development Goal. Education is not only a stepping stone to ending poverty, but will lead to increased child survival as well.

An investment in education, more specifically women’s education is an investment in the future. In 2012, research by UNICEF reported that investing in women’s education reduces poverty and increases social and economic development.  Making women’s education and health a priority will help reach the MDG targets. While these targets will not be reached on time, the realization and awareness that women’s health and education is a key component to many MDGs that will drive change. In the 23rd January UN conference, Secretary General Ban Ki-moon stressed that reaching development goals require ‘girl power’.  “The United Nations gives girls a ‘gold rating.’ When you invest in their future, you are guaranteed results that multiply across society – on health, education, peace and the welfare of future generations,”

Neglect in tuberculosis research and diagnosis is having damaging effects globally. There have been recent tuberculosis out breaks in a Colorado school in the US as well as more severe outbreaks in  Russia. A dangerous drug resistant tuberculosis strand has been discovered across Russia, Southeast Asia, South America and sub-Saharan Africa. The  World Health Organization reports that the management of TB drugs needs to be closely monitored for treatment to be successful. It has also been noted that additional research on TB and drug resistant TB is necessary.

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