Greeting all!  My name is Wonu Olumoroti. I recently began volunteering with RESULTS UK; I am a student in Year 12 and am currently on a one week work placement with them. I am interested in  and inspired by the work RESULTS does because I share their goal of bringing about an end to extreme poverty and have the passion to reach as many of the poorest and most vulnerable people of our world as possible. RESULTS are absolutely excellent at this and when I was researching worthy organisations that I could be a part of, RESULTS was by far the best.

I aspire to work in the International Development sector, whether that be through politics or economics (though you really can’t separate the two), and believe that I have the zeal, skill, character and potential to excel in this field.

I look forward to my future with RESULTS and I am excited and overjoyed about the millions of lives we will touch.