Today is our fourth and penultimate blog series on TB in the run up to World TB day on March 24th. Rosezenny is from the Phillipines, a country with a high burden of TB; demonstrating the truly global nature of this disease.

Rosezenny Revilla

When 41 year old Rosezenny Revilla of Casiguran, Aurora, Philippines was diagnosed with multi-drug resistant tuberculosis her whole world came crashing down. As a married mother of three children and a grade school teacher she faced the question “why me?”  Rosezenny’s diagnosis changed both her and her family’s lives. Rosezenny left her teaching job to move to Manila to seek treatment. At the beginning of her treatment Rosezenny faced shock and denial. Unlike cancer and other well-known and well understood sicknesses, TB is a lonely disease.  Rosezenny faces feelings of isolation and rejection from her peers and a lack of social support. Rosezenny’s resilient spirit is helping her through this debilitating disease. Rosezenny expresses gratitude towards the support provided by The Global Fund and is determined to conquer the disease.

While TB is most prominent among vulnerable populations, anyone is susceptible to it. Low levels of awareness of TB by the public and health care professionals results in a lack of social support for those suffering from TB.  To improve the long term impact of TB patient’s physiological and psychological well-being it is essential to continue TB research and to educate others on the disease. Spreading awareness and continuing TB research and funding is the only way to improve treatment prospects for the future.

Watch Rosezenny speak about her story here