In exactly one week’s time, world leaders will arrive in Brussels for the Global Partnership for Education pledging conference to decide the fate of education for millions of children in the poorest countries. This huge moment marks the start of the GPE’s replenishment period. Ministers from across the globe will be pledging money to ensure every child receives a quality education.

If governments step up, the Global Partnership will be able to get 29 million children a good education over the next four years. That’s 29 million more children learning to read and write and going on to fulfill their potential.  
Lets make that happen. 
We’re hearing exciting rumours from our partners across the world that powerful pledges will be made on the day. Crucially, Ministers from the developing countries themselves will be at the forefront, committing to put their own government’s money into education. What a fantastic example of the Global Partnership’s game-changing approach! With developing countries making proud commitments, we could see a future where no country is forced to rely on another to educate their children.
But that day won’t come unless donor countries, like the UK, match the ambition of the developing countries and pledge their support to the Global Partnership for Education.
So far, Justine Greening and Lynne Featherstone haven’t confirmed if they will make a commitment to the GPE next week, or even who will attend the summit. With one week to go, we need to convince them!
Tell the UK government to attend the pledging conference and fund the GPE.
When developing country ministers go to Brussels next week to announce their pledges, we want the UK to be at the table with them, proudly standing side by side, pledging funding in partnership.
Urge the UK to fund education
This time next week, the prospects for millions of children around the world who have never been to school, who have dropped out or who have failed to learn the basics could be a whole lot brighter. With your help, we can make this a reality.