Joe Hepworth from the Central London Grassroots Group tells us about his impressive Footsteps for Futures challenge. 

I am taking a bold step next week. I’ve set myself the challenge of walking to work for the three days I’m working that week. That is from Finsbury Park to Ealing Studios… 10.6 miles each way… 63.6 miles over the three days! That’s the equivalent of walking from London to Northampton (or an estimated 22 hours of walking!)

Between the 28th July – 1st August 2014, I will be joining the RESULTS UK ‘Footsteps for Futures challenge and walking to work in solidarity with children and young people from around the world who overcome a variety of barriers to get to school.

Now, I’m not known for my love of physical endurance… and many who know me remain unconvinced… Even my own father is sponsoring me by the mile… because he figures he’ll save money that way!! So what has motivated me to do this challenge…?

Well, at the 2014 RESULTS UK national conference I heard a story about two deaf children in Rwanda that touched and inspired me. They have to walk 10 miles each day to their nearest school… and 10 miles home again. The walk is not a leisurely stroll. In fact, their journey is so exhausting that they can only do it three times a week… and yet they continue to go – as they know how vital it is to their future.

So next week I’m going to put myself in their shoes.

I’ve seen for myself the importance of education to helping young people escape the trap of poverty – and the consequences of them not. I’ve campaigned with RESULTS to ensure the UK Government prioritises global education within its aid spending; working to achieve access to a quality education for all children. I’ve seen the impact that RESULTS advocacy and campaigning has on the progress we continue to make towards this goal.

If you would like to support me as I use my footsteps to help deliver a brighter future for vulnerable children all over the world, please visit my fundraising page here.

I’m looking forward to hearing about other people’s challenges and what inspired them to take part in Footsteps for Futures!

Joe Hepworth

Grassroots Advocacy - WTBD 2014
Putting a face to the name…here I am (second left) joining RESULTS at World TB Day 2014, talking to the health Minister Jane Ellison MP about the 3 million people with TB who will not be diagnosed or treated this year.