My name is Sarah Laughton, I am involved in the Macclesfield group of RESULTS and I am very excited to have the opportunity to come down to London for a couple of days to visit the RESULTS office and see how everything is run ‘behind the scenes’.

I am currently at school in Macclesfield where I have recently finished my GCSEs and going on to study my A-levels in September. The subjects that I have chosen are French, Geography, Maths and Economics with a view to probably studying Geography at university. Geography, in particular Human Geography, is something that I am really interested in and is actually what encouraged me to get involved in RESULTS. The area of Geography that has always fascinated me the most is Development and issues linked to poverty and globalisation, so after studying this topic for my GCSEs, I decided that it was something that I would like to find out more about and perhaps get involved in in some way.

When I got involved with RESULTS the main issue being focused on was education and in particular the work of the GPE. This is actually one of the areas of development that I am most interested in as I definitely believe that ensuring that children get a good education is essential to helping end poverty. It was really exciting to get a response to my first letter to Lynne Featherstone through my local MP David Rutley and it is a great feeling to feel like you have played a part in something that could make a big difference to millions of children.

Besides my school work and getting involved in RESULTS I also really enjoy playing hockey. I play regularly for both my school and local club in Alderley Edge. I also enjoy playing the guitar and going to concerts.

I am really looking forwards to learning more about how RESULTS works as well as getting my first taste of what it’s like to live and work in a big city.