Grassroots campaigners from RESULTS UK have been joining up with campaigners from across the UK NGO sector to build public support for Friday’s second reading of Michael Moore’s Private Member’s Bill which seeks to enshrine in law the UK’s commitment to spending 0.7% of our Gross National Income on overseas aid.

We started our campaigning on this work in August, and have been building up great support from around the UK ever since.

Since the launch of our campaign, we have seen meetings take place between grassroots and MPs across London, in Kent, in Scotland, the midlands, Macclesfield and more. Campaigners have been getting out in front of their MPs and making the case for supporting this key bill.

We’ve also had close to 150 people email party leaders and leads on international development through our e-action, which we have been rolling out in conjunction with our friends at the Global Poverty Project.

Of the 100 MPs needed to ensure the bill passes, there are currently around 91 who have confirmed their attendance. This is great progress but we need more!

If you haven’t yet done so, keep going out to your MP, and to other MPs that are being targeted, and help drive the numbers well up and over 100.

You can read an article published on the bill in the New Statesman, you can take one of many online actions here, and you can see –and thank- MPs that have publicly committed to attend the vote here.

Securing support for this bill isn’t going to be easy, but we’re nearly there, and with your help we can make sure it passes, bringing security and consistency to the UK’s aid spending for generations to come.

Keep up the amazing work…..we’re nearly there!