Here at RESULTS UK we are dedicated to seeing a world free from hunger and extreme poverty in our lifetime. We have a vision of a world where no child dies before their fifth birthday, where every boy and girl can go to school, and where there is no ‘them’, just all of us. Together.

And now we’re determined to share that message with the world through our new video.

2015 is the year to make change happen; it’s the year the Millennium Development Goals expire, the year the world commits to new action on Climate Change and the year that world leaders determine the future we would like to see in 15 years’ time. That’s why our animation couldn’t come at a better time: it illustrates exactly how far we’ve come and what we as global citizens can do to make the world an even better place. That’s where you come in!

Watch our animation, learn about our work, and get inspired! Then share with friends and family and become part of the global movement that will see our generation be the last to tackle extreme poverty.

Working together, we can realise our vision.

Join us,