If you missed our Conference Call this past Tuesday, 3 February, never fear! Here’s your chance to catch up.


The call features some great input from Ken Patterson, Director of Global Grassroots Advocacy at RESULTS in the US, who shares a number of really useful tips for meeting with candidates. We also have updates from a few of our Grassroots groups, as well as an explanation of our General Election Manifesto from Dan Jones, Campaigns Manager at RESULTS UK.

We’ll also be running a Webinar on Tuesday, 17 February from 7 to 8 pm where we’ll be answering the Five W’s of Meeting a Candidate and ensuring that you are well-equipped for your meeting.

Our next Conference Call is on 3 March, 2015 from 8 to 9 pm, and will feature a candidate live on the call answering your questions about the election! To join, simply call 0844 762 0762, 0203 398 1398 or 0800 22 90 900 and when prompted enter 18723#. We have groups across the UK (including new ones in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Newcastle and Hastings) and would love for you to join! Phone the office at 020 779 33970 or email Anja on [email protected] for details.

Finally, to learn more about our work around the General Election and for additional resources, please visit our campaign page here!