What’s it really like to be a candidate running to become an MP in this year’s General Election? And what do candidates really need from grassroots campaigners to be able to support an issue, like ending global poverty?

Throughout February, we asked four candidates from different parties these questions (and others!) to learn a bit more about the election campaign from their perspective. We then turned this into a Podcast, check it out now!


Here are five things we learned in the process:

  • When candidates say they are busy, they mean busy. To call candidates’ days a marathon would be an understatement. They don’t just campaign, most also do other work and have families at the same time.
  • Candidates need to know WHY you care about an issue. It’s really important that a candidate knows why you support a certain campaign, in order for them to be able to take action.
  • Emails. Lots of emails. Candidates spend hours answering emails, but they still say it’s the best way to get in touch with them!
  • Door knocking is really important. In fact, candidates prioritize meeting voters on the doorstep over things like hustings. So when a candidate comes to your door, invite them in, make them a cuppa, and know what you want to say! It’s a perfect chance to use your EPIC skills, too.
  • …And candidates plan their door knocking around soaps. Apparently the public doesn’t like to be interrupted during EastEnders, so door knocking stops about the time that the soaps start. Who knew?

Feeling ready to take action? Then join our General Election campaign by emailing Anja on [email protected] and becoming part of our grassroots network! You have the power to inspire the decisions that will end extreme poverty. And now you have the tools to make that happen.