Following a successful replenishment of Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance last month, the ACTION Global Health Partnership today re-launched their donor funding tracker, which details new pledges and the ambition of key donors to Gavi.

The tracker outlines the funding of eight of Gavi’s largest country donors, making up over half of Gavi’s total funding for 2016-2020. Almost all of these donors dramatically increased their funding to Gavi from the last period 2011-2015, showing the collective commitment and ambition of donors to ending preventable child deaths around the world. The UK continue to lead the way, with an ambitious pledge of £1 billion (USD $1,573) for the next period, in addition to significant existing commitments.

The ambition and long-term commitment of these donors will make it possible for Gavi to fulfil its mission of immunising 300 million children, and in doing so save 6 million lives over the next 5 years. However the hard work starts now. These pledges need to be delivered in order to save lives by ensuring that every child in the world can access vaccines. By tracking pledges over the next five years, we will hold governments to account and ensure these promises are met.

Check how much your country pledged here.