HeadshotHi everyone,

My name is Matt and I’m beginning a seven week volunteer position with RESULTS today. I will be specifically focusing on the areas of education and micro-finance, as well as working to support the grassroots advocacy team. I’m an American student studying abroad in London, so unfortunately my time with RESULTS is limited, but I’m excited to jump in and learn as much as I can while I’m here.

In the past I’ve worked for Teach for America, an organization that focuses on training recent university graduates to be teachers and places them in high need schools around the country. My time with this organization taught me a lot about how much access to a quality education varies around the world, even within countries that are wealthy on the global scale. Education is a particularly important issue for me, as many of my family members teach in America’s public schools, and I hope to be able to use my time here at RESULTS to help make a difference in education around the world.

Back home I study Political Science at Truman State University, and hope to one day pursue a career in government, either in the Foreign Service or with the Department of Justice. No matter what path I pursue after graduation, I am confident that my time with RESULTS will give me the opportunity to work with a group of passionate individuals who are committed to eradicating poverty worldwide, and I hope to bring the lessons learned here with me back to the US where I can continue to pursue these issues.