This past March, Campaigns Coordinator Anja was invited onto local radio in Reading to talk about RESULTS UK and our campaigning. In a version of Desert Island Discs, she picked 20 meaningful songs and spoke between the records of her advocacy work with RESULTS.anja

“Some of the questions were quite tricky, but generally it was just a lot of fun. I got to spend the afternoon listening to my favourite songs and talking about why I love my job,” she said.

Anja spoke about the RESULTS grassroots model and our work with Parliamentarians, and managed to give a shout out to World TB Day, action/2015, the Global Fund, and other issues that are close to the hearts of all of us at RESULTS.

In between, she played a bit of Destiny’s Child, John Lennon, Taylor Swift, and more!

To listen to the recording with music, check it out here: Hour One // Hour Two

You can also hear just the interview part of the show here:


“It was a great opportunity and I’m really happy to have been able to take part,” Anja said. “Hopefully it raised awareness of our work and helped inspire people to be a part of RESULTS.”

If you are based in Reading and feel inspired to join RESULTS, get in touch with the group on [email protected].