We are pleased to share that our August conference call is now available to download. On this month’s call we were joined by Emily Laurie, Project Manager for the Worlds Largest Lesson, one pillar of an exciting new campaign called Project Everyone which you can find out more about here. Project Everyone was established with one objective: to make the new Global Goals famous around the world so everyone, everywhere can hold their leaders accountable for the future of our planet. After the new goals are announced at the United Nations General Assembly on September 25th, the campaign will aim to share the new Global Goals with 7 billion people in just 7 days! On last nights call, Emily spoke passionately about one part of the campaign called The World Largest Lesson which will aim to educate 8-14 year olds about the goals through creative lessons and assemblies in schools, before discussing the different ways we can get involved to support the campaign. To find out what she had to say have a listen to the recording below:   For more information about the Project Everyone and The World Largest Lesson and the different ways you can support the campaign, visit the Project Everyone website or check out this months Background Sheet.